As of 01 July 2019, the Victorian Government is banning all electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills in Victoria. This means that no e-waste will be accepted in any bin – instead, it must be delivered to an approved drop off point.

What is e-waste?

The term 'e-waste' refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted. This includes:

  • household items such as fridges, kettles, electric toothbrushes and hair dryers;
  • IT and TV equipment like tablets, laptops and cords;
  • Lighting items like LED's and fluorescent lamps;
  • Electrical and electronic tools such as electric lawnmowers or electric drills;
  • Toys and leisure equipment like remote control race cars, musical equipment or computerised toys;
  • Other types of waste such as medical devices or thermostats.

Why the change?

E-waste contains valuable resources that we can reuse, along with other materials that are bad for the environment. Instead of putting it in the bin, sending it to landfill and causing environmental damage, sending e-waste to an approved drop off point means that materials can be recovered and reused, and not wasted away in a landfill environment. By doing this, we can remove the bad and save the good – all to create a healthier environment and a stronger economy.

Over 1 million mobile phones are discarded in Australia every year – if all were properly recovered, we could reuse up to 16 tonnes of copper, 350 kilograms of silver and 34 kilograms of gold!

Where is my closest approved drop off point?

All of Council's Transfer Stations are approved drop off points for e-waste, see our Transfer Stations page for more information on opening hours, locations of tips and pricing.

Alternatively, you can return old mobile phones and chargers to the MobileMuster drop off point in the Nhill Customer Service Office at 92 Nelson Street, Nhill.