A Snapshot of Hindmarsh Shire

Hindmarsh Shire Council is a vibrant and progressive rural Council, rich in history, natural wonders and a strong community spirit, offering opportunities for local and large businesses to participate in its procurement activities in mutually beneficial terms.

Hindmarsh Shire is located in the Wimmera region in western Victoria and covers an area of 7,527km2. Situated on the Western Highway, 375km west of Melbourne and 350km east of Adelaide. With that, the Shire is alive with business opportunities as it lies on the second-busiest freight corridor in Australia.

Hindmarsh Shire has a resident population of 5725 (2016 Census). The four major townships in the Shire are:

  • Nhill
  • Dimboola
  • Rainbow
  • Jeparit

Our Shire is bound by two National Parks, the Little Desert in the South and Wyperfeld in the North. Other distinct natural features include the Big Desert Wilderness Area to the West, as well as the Wimmera River and Lakes Hindmarsh and Albacutya. The central part of the Shire is utilised primarily for broad-acre cropping and grazing.

The largest industry in Hindmarsh, both in economic output and employment, is the agriculture sector. However, other established and immerging industries such as manufacturing and tourism are significantly important to the Shire as additional economic support particularly during time of drought.

 Council's Place in Business

Through the Local Government Act, Hindmarsh Shire Council are responsible for many local laws and activities along with in many cases insuring local business etc are abiding by State and Federal laws.

It is important to discuss your business plans with Council who can provide advice and assistance in relation to aspects such as:

  • Planning zones and permits
  • Building permits
  • Food and Environmental health and safety
  • Licencing
  • Signage and Street Furniture

Importantly we can help ensure all things are covered and can highlight any potential issues early in your business planning process.

It is vitally important to discuss your business plans with Council at the earliest opportunity.

If any potential issues or concerns are raised by your business proposal it is best to know these from the start and work through them rather than realising them shortly before opening your business.

Action & Further Information

Our Business Support webpage provides a clear outline of the process, visit Council’s Business Support page here to get started.

Alternatively, you can contact our Economic Development Team for further assistance on (03) 5391 4444 or email business@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au.

 Our Role

Providing over 100 services to the communities of Dimboola, Jeparit, Nhill and Rainbow, we pride ourselves on supporting our resilient residents with attractive, safe towns and a strong local economy.

We aim to meet the needs of our diverse communities through a range of activities and services and place a strong importance on continuous improvements to ensure a sustainable future for our communities.

 Our vision, our mission, our values

We acknowledge the Shire’s Indigenous community as the first owners of this country.
We recognise the important ongoing role that indigenous people have in our community and pay our respects to their elders and people both living and past.

Respect, integrity, good leadership, surpassing expectations and enthusiasm.

At the heart of our values is our commitment to our community. Our values help build our culture and guide us in all our decisions, actions and interactions.


  • We work together to build strong relationships with each other, our community and our other stakeholders
  • We show consideration for one another and embrace each others differences


  • We model ethical behavious in all our words and actions
  • We are transparent and accountable
  • Our interactions with others are based on honesty and trust

Good leadership

  • We dare to explore new opportunities and challenge the way "things have always been done"
  • We demonstrate the courage to do what is right
  • We take responsibility and empower our community and employees to do the same
  • We are flexible and receptive to new ideas

Surpassing expectations

  • We understand our community's needs and strive to exceed expectations
  • We regularly review the way we do things so that we can continue to improve
  • We believe achievement is more than measuring results, it is securing excellent, sustainable outcomes for our community


  • We are united by our passion for our community
  • We create a positive environment that promotes happiness, belonging and participation


With easing of restrictions, Hindmarsh Shire Libraries and Customer Service Centres have reopened to members of public as of Wednesday 28 July 2021.

Density limits apply for these buildings, so please check door signage before entering.

Please abide by State Government COVID-19 requirements by checking in via the QR code at each location when entering and by wearing a face mask at all time.

Let's keep each other safe by following the current COVID restrictions.

Updated 28/07/2021