Asset Plan

The Asset Plan 2022-2032 is a means of outlining the key elements involved in managing Council assets. It combines management, financial, engineering and technical practices to ensure that the level of service required by user groups is provided at the lowest long term cost to the community within the limits of any fiscal constraints that may be imposed by Council.

The specific purpose of the Plan is to:

  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship by the Council;
  • Define and articulate how the infrastructure is and will be managed to achieve the organisation’s objectives;
  • Provide a basis for customer consultation to determine the appropriate levels of service;
  • Manage risk of asset failure;
  • Achieve savings by optimising whole of life costs; and
  • Support long term financial planning.

Click below to view the Hindmarsh Shire Council Asset Plan 2022-2032:

Hindmarsh Shire Council Asset Plan 2022-2032(PDF, 3MB)