Local Laws


In a municipal place (includes council offices, buildings and depots, tips, reserves, skate parks and aquatic facilities) a person must not, without authority from Council, consume, supply or sell liquor; or enter or remain under the influence of liquor.

Additionally, there are restrictions regarding the times that you are permitted to consume alcohol in public places within Hindmarsh’s four towns, unless you have been granted a permit to do so.

You are able to apply for a permit to consume or sell liquor in a public place from Council – see the application form here(PDF, 139KB) .

Temporary Street Closure

To temporarily close a road, a road closure permit is required from Council. In order to obtain the permit, you will need to submit an application form(PDF, 136KB) , a Risk Management Plan(PDF, 214KB)  and a Traffic Management Plan.

If you are having difficulty with the application process, please contact Council.