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Community Satisfaction Survey

2019 Hindmarsh Shire Council Community Satisfaction Survey Results

2018 Hindmarsh Shire Council Community Satisfaction Survey Results

2017 Hindmarsh Shire Council Community Satisfaction Survey Results

Council Plan and Budgets

2020/2021 Council Budget  (adopted 24 June 2020)

2017-2021 Council Plan (amended and adopted 24 June 2020)

2019/2020 Council Budget (adopted 26 June 2019)

2017/2021 Council Plan(amended and adopted 27 June 2019)

2018/2019 Council Budget (adopted 27 June 2018)

2017/2021 Council Plan (amended and adopted 27 June 2018)

2017/2018 Council Budget

2017/2021 Council Plan

2016/2017 Council Budget

2013/2017 Council Plan


Community and Economic Development Plans

Karen Community Plan 2017-2021 - English

Karen Community Plan 2017-2021 - Karen

Hindmarsh Sport and Recreation Strategy 2016

Dimboola Community Precinct Plan 2016

Jeparit Community Plan 2016-2019

Rainbow Community Plan 2016-2019

Nhill Community Precinct Plan 2016

Economic Development Strategy 2015 - 2020

2014 Karen Community Plan - English

2014 Karen Community Plan - Karen 

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2012

Nhill Aerodrome Master Plan 2019


Annual Reports

2018/19 Annual Report

2017/18 Annual Report

2016/17 Annual Report

2015/16 Annual Report

2014/15 Annual Report

2013/14 Annual Report

2012/13 Annual Report

2011/12 Annual Report

2010/11 Annual Report

2009/10 Annual Report

2008/09 Annual Report

2007/08 Annual Report



Conflict of Interest Policy Councillors

Councillor Code of Conduct

Information for public inspection

Election Period (Caretaker) Policy - Updated 4 September 2019

Freedom of Information Fact Sheet

Freedom of Information Part II Statement

Protected Disclosure Fact Sheet



Environmental Health

A Guide to dealing with Residential Noise

For more information on noise complaints, visit the Enivornmental Protection Authority Victoria website here.

Local Laws

Hindmarsh Municipal Local Law

Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021

Domestic Animal Management Plan 2013-2017

Hindmarsh Meeting Procedure and Common Seal Local Law

Dog Attack Procedure 2019



Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Procurement Policy 2019

Public Arts Policy 2018

Privacy Policy 2017



WorkSafe Claims Manual




With the easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Hindmarsh Shire customer service centres and libraries will gradually reopen to the public.

From Wednesday 17 June 2020, the telephone operating system will be operational between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

From Monday 22 June 2020, the Nhill customer service centre will be open for appointments only between the hours 9am - 12noon and 2pm - 4pm Monday to Friday.

Jeparit and Rainbow customer services centres and the new Hindmarsh Shire Libraries service in Nhill, Jeparit, and Rainbow will be reviewed on a regular basis, with the aim to open mid-late July subject to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Dimboola customer service and library will be reviewed on a regular basis, with the aim to open mid-late July subject to completion of the current building works and COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

See more council services changes or information about COVID-19